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Human Vision for Machines


Spira Systems is a robotic systems and automated equipment integrator with a focus on deep learning vision systems. We have 20 years of experience in developing and applying state-of-the-art robotics technology in numerous industries, including manufacturing, military, space, mining, and energy.


The Universal Vision System (UVS): A commercial vision system that is easily trained by non-expert operators to recognize objects in complex, unstructured environments, locate their position, and command a robot or automated machine to apply various work tools. UVS mimics the visual reasoning of humans and enables the automation of processes that have traditionally required time-intensive manual labor.



Our niche is solving automation problems that require human level visual reasoning and tool control dexterity. Combining the Universal Vision System with our real-time adaptive machine control we offer complete solutions to the most challenging automation problems. With several levels of system performance available, Spira Systems offers a solution to your problem that satisfies your budget and timing constraints.



Spira Systems is driven by performance rather than marketing prowess. Our philosophy is to show not sell. Give us an opportunity to put together a demo for your specific application.

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