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Human Vision for Machines

Spira Systems is your expert for robotic vision. We give your applications the power of sight.

Let's Automate Your Industry

Spira Systems is a robotic systems and automated equipment integrator with a focus on deep learning vision systems. We have 30+ years of experience in developing and applying state-of-the-art robotics vision technology in numerous industries, including manufacturing, military, space, mining, and energy.

Visual Analytics

Computer Vision is a scientific field that allows computers to gain a high-level of understanding from digital images, videos, and live streams. This is done with the ultimate result of enabling computers and machines to understand and react to real world visual data similarly to how a human would.

Quality Control

From a manufacturing perspective, computer vision uses automated visual inspection capabilities to examine every procedure in the production process, detecting the assembly of different items, locating defective parts, and identifying yield.


In terms of security, Spira's computer vision software is able to utilize AI based learning visual inspection tools that can monitor live streams for suspicious actions, unusual objects, or unwanted activities.

And More!

Computers can be taught through computer vision software to detect anything from wildfires to defects on printed circuit boards to hand washing procedures. PPE, agricultural inspections, structural integrity, and crowd safety are just a few more topics that computer vision can tackle.

Commercial Robotics Automated
Military Robotics Automated

Industries Served

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Discover New Possibilities Thanks to Vision-guided Robotics

The Universal Vision System (UVS): A commercial vision system that is easily trained by non-expert operators to recognize objects in complex, unstructured environments, locate their position, and command a robot or automated machine to apply various work tools. UVS mimics the visual reasoning of humans and enables the automation of processes that have traditionally required time-intensive manual labor.​

Some of our past clients


Are You Ready to Automate Your Business?

Our niche is solving automation problems that require human level visual reasoning and tool control dexterity. Combining the Universal Vision System with our real-time adaptive machine control we offer complete solutions to the most challenging automation problems. With several levels of system performance available, Spira Systems offers a solution to your problem that satisfies your budget and timing constraints.

Spira Systems is driven by performance rather than marketing prowess. Our philosophy is to show not sell. Give us an opportunity to put together a demo for your specific application.

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